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Exciting News

We will be opening in October 2021

Bananas for Bifana's

The Real Thing Bifana from Go Bifanas Sandwich shop in Norwich


Pork Panado in rustic bread roll


Chicken piri piri takeaway in Norwich by Go Bifanas

Chicken Piri Piri

takeaway juicy bifana sandwich  and port


Go Bifanas

Welcome to Go Bifanas, your one-stop-shop for a taste of Portugal!


‘Bifana’ is a traditional Portuguese sandwich packed with flavour. Typically made with sauteéd pork to make Bifanas authentic, we thought we’d rock the boat a little and make one of our favourite slices of home with vegan and pescatarian options too. 


But don’t worry, meat lovers! We’ve still got the OG - lovingly made sauteéd strips of juicy pork seasoned with bursts of garlic, spices and a splash of white wine, drizzled in the cooking juices, lemon, with a dash of paprika and hint of bay leaves,all wrapped up in a crusty bread roll.


If having just a taste of heaven means you’ll come back for more, we’ll keep the pearly gates wide open.

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Our Food

Meat, Fish & Vegan 

Our range of hot sandwiches with succulent pork, Portuguese-style fishcake and flavour-packed vegan jackfruit sarnies are more than enough to get your tummy rumbling. Bifanas aren’t just for lunch however, you can also find our flavoursome takeaway dinner menu.

We have recently added a range of new dishes including "Panados" (Breaded pork chicken and fish), Piri Piri Chicken and a selection of Portuguese snacks! 


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2020031 GO BIFANAS LOGO.png

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 18:00

Contact us: 01603 299 015

Mobile: 0737 503 7479

Address: Go Bifanas, Studio 1B, Pivotal House, 4 Orford Yard,

Red Lion Street, Norwich, NR13TB

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