A taste of portugal influenced by world food

Street food inspired by our travels around the world


Back in the 15th century Portuguese explorers set of to explore the world! The discovery of this new land lead to a gastronomic fusion explosion and experimentation with the culinary delights they found! The Portuguese explorers discovered: China, India, Brazil, Mozambique & Africa.

The Portuguese integrated with the locals during their travels by marrying natives and soaking up the culture that surrounded them. The explorers also brought back their favourite finds to Portugal such as the tomato which features heavily in Portuguese cooking. But did you know that it was the Portuguese that introduced chillies to India and tempura-style cooking to Japan?


European countries got to try condiments such as black pepper, saffron & paprika when the Portuguese took over the spice trade, it was at this time that Mediterranean cooking started to become more similar between countries.


Although there is some debate about where the Piri-Piri pepper originated, the piri-piri we know today was cultivated by the Portuguese & Africans. When people think of Portuguese cooking Piri-Piri Chicken springs to mind but in fact the true Piri-Piri chicken originates for a small village (We lived in for many years) called Guia (Yes, it is the best chicken ever).


It is for all of these reasons that Portuguese cuisine is so diverse and varied! The Go Bifanas menu is inspired by its history and love of exploration around the world, our food is a fusion between Portuguese food and the countries that have inspired such a diverse range of flavours in our culture.


We hope you enjoy our food and that it takes you on a journey across the world!


See you soon,



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Meet our team

We are so glad you found us & can't wait to see you soon! 

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Portuguese history has always been a passion of mine, I'm facinated by the fact that Portuguese food has been influenced by so many different countries.  

I am lucky enough to have travelled all over the world & tasted a large range of cuisines.


Although our restaurant is inspired by the iconic Portuguese sandwich - "The Bifana", our menu very much reflects my love of world street food with ties back to Portuguese flavours connected through history.

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Meet Chef Elliott

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I love to travel, food & wine! 

If you haven't met yet that's because most of the time you will find me in my office, 

I take care of the marketing including photographing all our tasty dishes!

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Meet Chef Dan!

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Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 10:30 pm

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Contact us: 01603 299 015


Address: Go Bifanas, Studio 1B, Pivotal House, 4 Orford Yard,

Red Lion Street, Norwich, NR13TB

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